Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tell us what you REALLY think Christy!

A few of us are almost addicted to the brilliant commentators over at firedoglake. Jane Hamser, Christy Hardin Smith, Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) , Pacachetuek, tigerlilly....are all great writers and their collective work during the Libby trial was one of the finest examples of professional journalism we've seen in years.

This morning, Christy riffs on the the Press and its relationship with the President. She is particularly hard on the vaunted "White House Press Corps." She ends it with this:

I am an American, I refuse to sit back and quake in my chair, waiting for someone to strike. I will be damned if some crazy terrorist — or some smarmy political operative — is going to silence me, or frighten me, or make me do anything other than live my life to the fullest in my own way every day. To do otherwise is to hand over control of my life and my thoughts to someone else — and that is about as unAmerican as it comes. Everything else is counterproductive to the notions of justice, liberty and freedom. Try keeping that in mind, folks in the media and in politics, would you?

What we LOVE about firedoglake is that they aren't afraid to speak their minds. Way to go on the link in the blogroll...

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