Monday, April 16, 2007

Tommy's Foot-In-Mouth Disease.


Tommy Thompson can't seriously think he has a chance at being President does he?

Even if he does, this sort of thing won't exactly help him....snippet follows:

WASHINGTON - Former Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tommy Thompson told Jewish activists Monday that making money is "part of the Jewish tradition," and something that he applauded.Speaking to an audience at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington D.C., Thompson said that, "I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition and I do not find anything wrong with that."

Thompson later apologized for the comments that had caused a stir in the audience, saying that he had meant it as a compliment, and had only wanted to highlight the "accomplishments" of the Jewish religion.

to which Atrios replies:

I would like to compliment my African-American readers on their dancing abilities and athletic prowess, my Asian-American readers on their studiousness, and of course my female readers for their excellence in homemaking....almost forgot to congratulate my white male readers for their astounding successes in the face of unprecedented oppression.
Tommy Thompson is TOAST

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