Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't forget the Meeting Tonight

The Regular Monthly Meeting will be at 6:30 PM tonight at the American Legion Hall in Pittsville....

I have another important meeting tonight so I've briefed Dave on the information about the 7th CD Convention...also....Dave and I picked up the Marshfield part of the VIP packets this morning (cool...Wenzel's beef sticks, figi's cheese, pens and cranberry snacks, thanks to Jeanette we'll also have Cranberry Juice for everybody) Also we've got notepads, pens and I think there's more coming from Wausau (7th CD).

We're going to do the final assembly in Dave's garage next Wednesday night at 6:30 P.M.. We'll do the final assignments of jobs at that time...or let Dave know your preferences tonight.

Setup for the Convention will take place on Friday, the 27th...we'll meet at Clearwaters around 10 AM to start putting up the decorations....the "pool party" should start around 5....or so....


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