Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You....

There is an inherent danger in trying to thank each individual but I'm going to give it a shot anyway....

We heard compliment after compliment from the delegates to the 7th Congressional District Convention at the Clearwaters Hotel and Convention Center. Even Marlys was happy!

And I'm absolutely thrilled that our party members pulled together as a team to make this happen. Many people who were so busy otherwise found time to get together to make it all happen and there were also those who simple recognized that something needed to be done and just went off and did it. I'm so proud to be associated with all of you.

There are sooooooo many people to thank that I'm not sure to begin.

Dede and Gary! Thanks so put in a lot of hours and did a lot of running for this and you contributed greatly to this success.

Al......what can I say? Your experience as a former treasurer was invaluable...when we needed answers from "a higher authority" (Marlys) you got them for us...Thanks Al.

Dave Wille thanks so much for being the coordinator of the process. I know you were worried right up until the very end that you'd have to be substitute chair but you took on all of it well.

Dean...your attention to detail saved our behinds...thanks Sir. I can really appreciate you.
And Jeanette ...thanks for getting the great cranberry juice for the "goodybags"

And Lois...even though you couldn't make it to the convention, thanks for rounding up goodies for the silent auction....We appreciated that (ahem $$$$$) from that too. (Hopoe your trip was great)

And all the volunteers at the registration tables, the silent auction, the greeters and (again DeDe and Al for being terrific host and hostess)

A special thanks to our good friends and neighbors from Clark County Jordan and Melanie. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These two were the only people we knew who had experience and they were there for us every step of the way.....they were absolutely beyond value.
Thanks were all wonderful....

Just for fun...Here's a "clip and paste" of a couple of comments I received about the convention:

"... I pity those that have to try and live up to your standards. We had a great time"


"You throw an awesome convention."

"Thanks for making it all happen,"

btw...those are three different "posts".
Enjoy the compliments, you all earned them.

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