Thursday, April 12, 2007

Haven't done this in a while.....

Probably need to come up to speed on a few things....

The big domestic news today is:


The White House "lost" the emails
from the Republican National Committee provided
Computers and servers.



All KKKarl Rove's emails were those lost!

I smell subpeonas's a linky-thing and a couple of choice snippets:

WASHINGTON --The White House said Wednesday it had mishandled Republican Party-sponsored e-mail accounts used by nearly two dozen presidential aides, resulting in the loss of an undetermined number of e-mails concerning official White House business.

Congressional investigators looking into the administration's firing of eight federal prosecutors already had the nongovernmental e-mail accounts in their sights because some White House aides used them to help plan the U.S. attorneys' ouster. Democrats were questioning whether the use of the GOP-provided e-mail accounts was proof that the firings were political.

And of course the suicide bomber in THE CAFETERIA OF THE PARLIMENT in Iraq, which just happens to be in the much bally-hood santum OF THE GREEN ZONE killed three politicians (at least two of which were described as "Sunni" Representatives). Here's the linky thing on that

If that wasn't bad enough, another suicide bomber blew up a "major" bridge into's the link
and the snippet courtesy of the Associated Press:

BAGHDAD - A suicide truck bomb exploded on a major bridge in Baghdad early Thursday, collapsing the steel structure and sending cars toppling into the Tigris River below, police and witnesses said.

At least 10 people were killed and 26 injured, according to hospital officials. That toll was expected to rise.
Police were trying to rescue as many as 20 people whose cars plummeted into the waters below.
The photo at right is also from the Associated Press.

And still.....John McCain is looking for the pony.....think progress explains


One blogger, Ed Morrissey, asked about efforts by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to oppose the new U.S. Baghdad security plan. According to two reports of the call, McCain repeated his prediction that Sadr wouldn’t end up opposing U.S. forces, but admitted he may be “digging for the pony.”

If you don't know what "digging for the pony means" ....well, drop me a line.

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