Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Great night for the Democrats....

Nationally, we took control of the house and we're "teetering" on controlling the US Senate.

In Wisconsin, we took control of the State Senate and some of the worst of the worst of the neocons have been defeated in the Assembly.



and a "walk-away winner" in our home districts


and two more walk away winners locally

Sheriff Tom and Marlin

WOOD COUNTY WENT DEMOCRATIC IN A BIG, BIG WAY and we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to:

Chairman Dave Wille who worked tirelessly to organize, lead and actually work on phones, doors, delivery and ....and...EVERYTHING. Great Job Dave! Thanks so much.

But we also know that Lois and DeDe were the workhorses in this effort. I don't know how many hours they put in each but I surmise that they were substantial....I have personal knowledge that Lois worked herself hard during this campaign and have heard that DeDe did also. Thanks Lois! thanks DeDe!

on edit: OOOPS....I forgot that I had a pic of one of our local heros...Lois....

here shie is with ANOTHER GREAT WOOD COUNTY DEM, Linda Melski, and their very best friend, Lt. Governor Barb Lawton.

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LoLo said...

What a wild ride this has been! The many Democratic victories last night make all the effort and long hours worthwhile. It is also a great pleasure to be so appreciated! I have received enough hugs and thank-you's today to last well into the next campaign cycle. To all those who volunteered in any way, who supported our cause, who kept my spirits up, who made me smile and laugh, who blogged, joked, or cajoled their way into my heart, I thank you!