Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Open thread...

If you get a chance, drop in at firedoglake. Christy Hardin Smith has a great post up...and while your at it, click on the link to Matt Tiabbi's column...actually his election night diary.

here are some "choice quotes" from the diary:

11:08 p.m. CNN calls control of the House for the Democrats. Cheering
and orgiastic glee in Washington; correspondent Dana Bash, at Dem HQ in
Washington, looks like she's having a flashback to some long-gone Girls Gone
Wild: Sarah Lawrence Nights days.


Just before midnight Candy Crowley weighs...well, let's not ever use
the phrase Candy Crowley weighs in, if we can avoid it. Let's say Crowley chimes
in on the "new direction" issue:

1:36 a.m. McCain appears on CNN, broadcasting live from his Arizona
office. He's got American flags on either side of him and you can almost see his
boner straining against his pants. His smile is unseemly. He's talking about
Republican losses and trying to look sullen, but he's not fooling anyone. He's
like the bachelor who starts trying to fuck the widow before the funeral convoy
even reaches the cemetery

Packers just won. I think the only thing this game proved was that they suck less than Minnesota. With a 4-5 record, their tied for second place? NFL Excellence?

It hit most of the blogs this morning about the same time it hit my email box. Russ Feingold has announced he will not seek the Democratic Nomination in 2008. As much as I like Russ, I'm relieved that he's not running. He's an excellent Senator and he has an outstanding record as a legislator in making bold, principled decisions. But he has no executive experience. That's something I didn't like about Kerry either. I hope Russ stays in the Senate for many years and continues to be the conscience of the Democratic Party.

The "after-election" blahs have set in. I'm having no trouble finding other battles to fight but I have to tell you I miss the activity and the anticipation of the election season.

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