Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Welcome to Left Blogostan....

I've got a couple of minutes this morning so I thought I'd give our audience a peek at what went on on election night when CNN invited the best, most popular, bloggers in the country to "live blog the election". (note: My invitation must have been lost in the mail....I can't imagine that my "sterling" work here went unnoticed)

TREX, one of the great contributors to firedoglake posted the snarkiest, most entertaining account of the evening I've ever seen. Here are a few quotes for your amusement...

This was the guy who was loudly and fatuously proclaiming at 7:00pm or so that there was "no fucking way" the Democrats would take the House. Heh! In the words of Brad at Sadly, No!

Warning: the following is an example of extreme childishness and poor sportsmanship. You have been warned.


Yeah, Ankle Biter Dood! How was your first night at LOSER SCHOOL? I hear they have a great course where they teach you to evolve a thumb! I think you might want to look into that.


And then there was this rant about right wing blogger Mary Katherine Hamm.

Yes, dear, I was perfectly sweet to you UNTIL YOU TOLD ME WHO YOU WERE. And then, if you will recall, I politely excused myself. And trust me, darlin'. That's the way you wanted it. Otherwise I would have stood there and told you exactly what I think of you and your position as Reich Wing water-carrier. Maybe you don't realize it, sugar-pie, but the Iraq War is NOT A FUCKING TAILGATE PARTY. Thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died in vain. So, while I am sure you're a lovely person, kind to animals and children and generally clean and well-behaved, I can't in good conscience stand around and swap pleasantries with you as we nosh on bleu cheese fondue. You work for war criminals, little girl! Quod erat demonstrandum, babe, we can't be friends. Not now. Not ever.

Okay, I admit it.....a lot of that is like an 8th grade dance. And really, we should be ashamed of ourselves. The behavior, however if not excusable is certainly easy to understand. Six long years of wandering in the wilderness will most certainly induce a fair amount of giddiness when you finally emerge into the promised land. I suspect the denizens of Left Blogostan yielded to their more primal nature....and snarked the hell out of the right wing. Besides that, it was fun.

drop in at the link and enjoy the snark....for some of us it's the first real chance we've had to enjoy last Tuesday's victory.


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