Thursday, November 09, 2006

Whew! Busy Day...

I started just a little after nine this morning helping move out of the Marshfield Office and before the day was over, (at around 4 PM) I had been to Pittsville and Wisconsin Rapids too....

Yes, there was a bit of sadness in closing the office. It has been a wonderful gathering place... I was feeling a bit of the sadness last night when I posted this on another board:

Our campaign headquarters closes down tomorrow....we spent time this
afternoon packing up and getting ready for the trucking away of the
paraphernalia tomorrow morning....We're all still excited about our victory..we
swept the whole county....but it was "bitter-sweet" in tearing down the
office.Why?Because it's been our gathering place in a battle that we were all so
deeply committed was a place to express our hopes and fears, it was a
place to go to get a few laughs (actually my designation was "Class Clown")Our
Office Manager, LoLo was a tireless and dedicated worker and was sort of like
our Den Mother, keeping us organized and on track...Madashell and Sybylla were
there to provide us with their wisdom and to exchange ideas...and then there
were the volunteers....maybe 60 or so of them...who manned the office, made
phone calls delivered signs, and another 40 or so more who did "doors"....They
were all more...much more...than just fellow Democrats to me. And, judging from
what I saw this afternoon, the feelings were mutual. It's going to be strange
not having the headquarters to stop by to see what the latest gossip,
intelligence was, or to help collate walking lists or call lists if they needed fix the $#@%^& Computers when they went down...hang more
signs...or....whatever...A couple of the volunteers shared those thoughts with
me this afternoon.I understand them completely......something like St Crispin's

What I think will be more important, than having an office or headquarters,
is that the wonderful group of volunteers ( and leaders I might add) should make
it a point to get together socially if not politically for the next 1 year and
nine months (that's how long before we open up the offices again believe it or
not). We have the seeds of a tremendous grass roots organization
here and I think we can keep it together to make it an effective political force
in the about it

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LoLo said...

My sentiments exactly! Sweet victories, sad farewells! Yes, let's keep the social network among the grassroots going.