Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pre-Thanksgiving notes

I think I'm going to make a list of things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1 I'm thankful we won so many races in the November 7 election because for the first time in six years, this Thanksgiving will be filled with hope for our country.

2 I'm thankful for the great, close friends I have made here in Wood County.

3 I'm thankful I survived the heart attack two years ago and I'm still (relatively) healthy.

4 I'm still thankful for health of my wife, my son and his new bride and all my good friends.

hmmmmmm.....I'll probably be adding onto this list as I go along.

I probably won't be blogging again until Sunday or so. I suspect family and friends will be insulted if I suddenly bolt away from the conversation proclaimilng, "I've got to get a blog entry up!"

I got an earful from my Republican Brother last night about how wonderful John McCain is and what a fine President he will be...notice that's WILL, not might, not could, but WILL. He went on and on about how the Democrats DIDN'T WIN but the Republicans LOST. He also said that a: The Democrats have no plan; b: Hillary is the front runner; and c: Obama can't be elected because....because...because...well, just because, but it definitely isn't because he's black because that would be wrong. I listened patiently and then told him to quit listening to Limbaugh for three hours a day and to lay off drinking the Republican Kool-aid.

okay...add to the Thanksgiving list: I'm thankful I DON'T have to spend Thanksgiving with this brother.

That conversation brough up an interesting point that's being debated on several progressive blogs at the moment. Prior to the election there was a belief that the main stream media (MSM) would gravitate toward the power (and subsequent wealth) after the election. Therefore if the Democrats were to win the election, the MSM would start pandering to them as opposed to the Republicans because, after all, the media is a whore...and not a very subtle whore either.

Well, that didn't happen.

Instead of pandering, the MSM is bashing the Democrats in every way they can. In all fairness to Mr Lakoff, they have effectively FRAMED the conversation to pose the Democratic Party in a negative or, more damaging perhaps, ridiculous position. It's devastating. We see Nancy Pelosi discussed in terms of "botox" or "lip gloss" as opposed to Minimum Wage Hikes or National Health Care. We see contested leadership elections framed as DIVISIVE or DISARRAY.

Will it end?

Who knows....I've seen thread after thread in another blog suggesting that we (Democrats) should use our legisaltive power to punish the MSM and prevent them from slanting the news and commentary against us. I can't be done. We DARE NOT mess with the first amendment. It's going to take years to build an infrastructure to mimick the Great Right Wing Noise Machine...or also known as the Republican Wurlitzer...but it must be done. Air America is a start and so is the Jones Network that carries Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes and Thom Hartman. It's going to be a long road but we can do it.

Another Note:

I have to agrree with "Brother Attaturk" about Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday and for the reasons he states:

Yes, it is almost time. Almost time for Atta J. Turk's favorite holiday,
Thanksgiving.Ah, the memories of a family Thanksgiving. There's no pressure to
give gifts or appear holy, just spending time in the warmth and bosom of your

He's right I think......

Have a nice Thanksgiving everybody.


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