Sunday, November 19, 2006


Okay, that's a screen name for one of my favorite friends over on another blog but what happened on this morning's edition of Meet The Press and also on This Week truly seems like a dream.

What happened?

Well I caught the Steny Hoyer on This Week and he was absolutely masterful in avoiding being trapped into stretching the "Dems are in disarray" story line that the main stream media (MSM) seems to want to play even though the Republicans are absolutely at each other's throats right now, and, on top of that former Bush allies are now jumping ship and trashing him almost daily. But the MSM wants to play a couple of themes...the Dems are fighting among themselves and Nancy Pelosi is a bitch.....Steny avoided both memes this morning and deftly played George Stephanopholous (Mr Snuffleupagus) like a fine violin. The roundtable which usually features only a token liberal to be sconred by Cokie Roberts and George Will included eorge Will as the ONLY Republican and Fareed Zakaria, was joined by Robert Reich to tear George Will's Republican talking points to shreds. I couldn't believe it. It was stunning to watch Reich counter every Repub lie with the truth.

Then there was Meet the Press and "Timmah" (you'd have to be a South Park fan to appreciate the humor) had both of our new Senators on and they were absolutely wonderful. Rational and calm they both went about their agenda and didn't get caught up in any of Timmah's tricks. On Webb, he pulled the old "I'm going to quote you and make you skirm." trick but Webb stood by his words and didn't weasal one little bit. He tried the same thing with Jon Tester's comment about the U.S. Senate chambers reminding him of "his barn" and Tester didn't back down, he just told him how the barn was a place of great family tradition (built by his grandfather) and he had the same sense about the Senate. Timmah also tried to tag Tester with the "You're really a Conservative" tag and Tester crammed it wown his throat.

Two weeks ago I would have never have thought these things possible. Two wonderful Progressives on Meet the Press and two Progressives countering Republican lies on This Week .

It seems like a dream.

Couple of quick notes:

Traffic on the site for Sunday was down to about 15 or so but some of the hits came from Boston.


Congratulations to all the officers of the County Party who were elected or reelected last Thursday Night.

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