Monday, April 10, 2006

Would it be too much trouble?

For our new media to do a little "fact checking"?

Or maybe do a little research?

Bush actually admitted that he leaked/declassified "parts" of the National Security Estimate (NIE) so that "people could see the truth." The Raw Story has the rest of the story as it's breaking from Reuters.

Great admission from the Commander-in-Chief (aka Leaker-in-Chief) except for a couple of "minor" little details.

Like detail number one: He declassified it alright. But he declassified it AFTER Libby had his conversation with the lovely and talented (barfing) Judith Miller.

And, of course, there's detail number two: He declassified ONLY those parts of the NIE that backed up his position and NOT those which contridicted his position.

Oh yeah, one more thing, Libby is reported to have testified that he told Judith Miller that the rest of the NIE, the part not declassified, only further solidified the President's case for the war.

So, I ask again. Corporate Media: Would a little research hurt all that much? Hell, would reading the blogs hurt?
I'm getting frustrated over all of this....

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