Friday, April 14, 2006

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk......

Tommy Thompson is like a nightmare that won't go away. It looks like he's baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkk.

I'm not sure of what radio station was "teasing" this, but the conventional wisdom is that Tommy Thompson is going to announce for Governor at the Republican state Convention in May. Here's the linky-thing.

The bad news is that if he ran against Herb Kohl, he'd win. Although there isn't any thing on record yet about running against Doyle. Here's a link to the poll results.

A couple of things worry me about Thompson getting back into the race....

first, as much as I dislike the man, professionally and personally, I have to give the devil his due. He's a remarkable politician and he knows how to work a crowd. His memory caught me flatfooted once because, after having been introduced to him only one time before, I ran into him in the hallway of the State House and he greeted me BY NAME! (This was before he was Governor by the way)

Second, he's a money-raising machine. He knows which buttons to push to make the cash flow and against either Doyle of Kohl, he'll raise an astounding amount of money.

Third, he has a lot of National Republican Party support. It has been said that Tommy Thompson carried more water for George W. Bush than Gunga Din and because of that, they OWE him big time.

The only good thing about Thompson running for Governor is that he would, inadvertantly for sure, rid us once and for all of Mark Green.

Too bad we have to wait a month to find out.

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