Friday, April 28, 2006

Tom O'Brien made the BIGTIME

Tom's letter to the editor made it to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel....

Here's the Text:


So who are the bad guys these days?

In case anyone missed it, Russia and China have invited Iran to join them in a mutual defense alliance. So they're back to being bad guys, right?

Maybe it's not that simple. This latest development is no surprise. It is the logical follow-up to U.S. policy since the invasion of Iraq. The world has seen what we're capable of, and people are afraid of us. Only instead of kowtowing to us as we expect, they're banding together to "contain" us.

Who wouldn't? When we threaten other countries with nuclear first strikes, as we have in the case of Iran, the obvious, predictable consequence is to motivate Iran to do something about it.

Russia, China and the Islamic world account for more than 2.5 billion people. Even Latin America is rising up against us at every opportunity. And our traditional allies in Europe are sick of President Bush and want nothing to do with him.

Can it be that the whole world is "bad" and we're "good"? I doubt it. Truth is, we've become the bad guys. With every new policy from this administration, we find ourselves increasingly alone and friendless in the world. Why should we be surprised? As every kindergartner knows, nobody likes a bully.

Tom O'Brien
Wisconsin Rapids

Way to go Tom......!!!!

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LoLo said...

Way to go, Tom! I got to read this absolute gem of a letter and listen online to the new Neil Young CD all in one day!