Friday, April 14, 2006

Just enough time to catch our breath

the Spring elections are over and we're either celebrating or licking our wounds depending on where you lived.....some of us were deeply involved in the local elections and some of us were able to "sit this one out" but just as surely as the buds are blooming on the trees and the days are getting longer, the really, really BIG SHOW OF '06 is just about ready to begin.

Let's start at the proverbial "top of the ticket" for the fall elections...Dave Obey. Dave has three challengers in the 7th CD...well, that's three Republicans seeking the nomination and one libertarian....The Repubs are your normal mix from the conservative universe....a moderate, a Christian Moralist and an AEI and Heritage Foundation trained Neocon. If you follow the political axiom that "you run for your "base" in the primary and run for the "center" in the general election, you'd have to give the edge to the AEI type....and having said that, I also say that he stands as much of a chance of beating Dave in the 7th CD as a snowball has in hell. But we've still got to work and we can't take it for granted. Remember, these Neocon types are full of nasty, nasty, nasty little surprises. So mark of a day or two to work for Dave...or drop a few dollars into his campaign... either way, it will help assure that Dave serves another term.

Locally, we've got to get out and work for Amy-Sue again. The Repubs are probably going to target her and I wouldn't put it past Suder and Zein to stick their mitts into the race in some way or another. The good news is that Suder may be busy covering his ..because there is a reasonably viable candidate ready to take him on. If it looks like Amy-Sue is doing okay, you might want to think about helping Suders opponent....I think there might be somebody at one of our meetings to ask for our help.

The Sheriff's race is coming up but I don't see much on the Republican side of the ledger right now.

I have been up to my neck in local politics for the past week and I've got more meetings tonight so I'm going to leave this to discussion...join in with your thoughts....






S.Free said...

I agree. Lots going on. I still hear from my buddy, MArk Green. He never responds to any of my qustions, sort a like W. He just rants on about his own agenda. Typical politician.
As far as Suder, I'm there. Who is it that is running against him. Suder has some really deep, dark secrets I've heard. No proof that I know of. But if true, or even if its not, he has some things held like to keep in the closet.

Ed said...

The Candidate is Tim Swiggum and the good news is that he will be speaking at our April 20 meeting! I've met this guy once before and I am very impressed. My only concern is that he's not sleazy enough to run against Suder. I'm guessing it's going to be one of the nastier campaigns in the State...although the Krietlow (ex-Channel 13 anchor and all-around-good-Democrat) running against Zein should be pretty interesting.