Monday, April 17, 2006

Neil Young Rolls Out Rock Against the War Album

As an ancient rock fan who has collected just about everything Neil Young has ever composed, I happened to catch this on the news yesterday. Watch for an anti-war album soon to be released by Young. One song mentioned prominently is "Impeach the President". Young tends to compile concept albums and this promises to contain other anti-war anthems as well. Peace!


Ed said...

Just heard a few short clips from the album on Stephanie Miller's show...along with some of his classic "oldies".....

I usually don't buy cds but I think I'll make and exception.


LoLo said...

Neil Young appeared on CNN this morning and spoke about his view of freedom. He concluded by saying that the President has one post 9/11 world view; Young has quite the opposite world view. Young, it should be remembered, once supported some administration policies. Example: his song "Let's Roll", which appeared just after 9/11, a patriotic paen to those passengers aboard the flight which crashed in PA.