Saturday, April 15, 2006

Open Thread for Saturday

...what a beautiful's getting a little overcast now but there is only a small chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.....

The City-wide "Easter Egg Hunt" was held in the park across the street this morning. There must have been 250-300 kids out there with their baskets. Some poor schmuck had to walk around in an Easter Bunny Costume. Does anybody know just how it came to pass that rabbits, pastel-colored eggs and candy became associated with this religous holiday? I don't.

Anyway, I took the wife up to Powers Bluff a little while ago but its still closed to traffic and neither one of us was wearing shoes suitable for hiking. I guess it opens May 1 or so. I'm looking forward to going up there.

Would Powers Bluff be a good place for an "unofficial" Wood County Dems picnic? Post your ideas below.

Or, if you prefer, just gripe all you want about any subject.


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