Monday, April 03, 2006

Delay Retiring!

The big news on Daily Kos just now is that Tom Delay is retiring. Apparently both MSNBC and CNN have confirmed this. I hope this is true; I haven't been near a TV all day. The painters have kept me busy emptying closets. The link is:
The author is "kos" and the comments are funny. "Kos" was giving his son a bath and blogging simultaneously, so of course people wanted to know how one can blog from the bathtub. One blogger claimed he was making toast from the bathtub and then concluded with appropriate keys to indicate he got "toasted" himself!

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Ed said...

I am clearing away the final vestiges of the funeral and coming back to the blogosphere...and what good news to return to!

Delay needs to be replaced but I'm not encouraged by the quality of those seeking to replace him....they seem to be competing for the job on the basis who can be the most effusive in their praise of the "bug man".