Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dawn is coming

Steve Hudson Photography...

beautiful picture on the web of sunrise over Captiva Island on Florida's SW coast.

As Democrats we have flet that we have been stumbling around in darkness for the last five years or so and every ray of hope has been quickly extinguished for us. In short, it's been just down right depressing but yesterday gave some of us some good reasons to be optomistic about the future of our country, state and the Democratic Party in general.

Yesterday was the 7th Congressional District Convention in Barron, Wisconsin and a lot of people from our county were there. Dave, John, Bill, Lois, Ed, and Warren and his wife were there as well as a lot of our friends from Marathon, Clark and Portage counties. In addition to the "real" people there, a lot of my web friends were able to attend also and become, just for the convention, "real" people too. You may recognize some of the names from various websites: Goddess40, Sybylla, Madashell, JackpineRadical. Just sharing the company of people who share your beliefs and passions is uplifting in itself but the real bonus was getting to hear from the people who are running against Republicans in state elections this year and, as an added bonus getting to hear from our state's TOP elected officials.

Lt Governor Barbara Lawton gave us a great "pep talk" and our own, favorite Congressman, Dave Obey fed us a generous helping of raw, red meat to get us fired up about the November elections. Dave is really good at firing up a crowd.

In addition, we heard from Pat Kreitlow of Eau Claire who is going to beat the living crap out of Dave Zein this year.

And Zein's partner in crime, Snotty Scotty Suder is in for a run this time too from Tim Swiggum in Clark County.

Mary Alice Williams in Taylor and Price Counties has not one, but two really good Democrats straining at the traces to take her on in Novemeber.

(for lolo and Sybylla: Yes, I deliberately picked the "prom queen" picture)

Bryce Luctrahand told us that if there are any uncontested seats in the legislature this year, they'll be Democratic seats.....I believe him.

I'm fired up.....I hope everybody else is too.


edit 4:08PM....I forgot to mention that Dean was along with us also....and in addition to being a good Dem, he's also great company on a road trip....along with Dave and lolo....

I also forgot to mention that Peg Lautenschlager gave a rip-roaring speech also and Northwoods favorite Gary Sherman gave a "surrogate speech" for Kathleen Falk... Senator Bob Jauch, from Superior has been a state Senator since about 1988 and he gave us ALL the good reasons to take back at least one of the State Houses this there was a lot there for political junkies to chew on...

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LoLo said...

I enjoyed the "prom shot"! Thanks! I am also fired up and encouraged. Last evening, tired as I was, I limped on over to Pat Kreitlow's welcoming party held at Liz and Joe Welter's lovely home in the Town of Lincoln. Great food, big crowd, and another rousing speech (quite a bit different from the one given at the 7th CD Caucus) from Pat Kreitlow. When I thanked Pat for the ear candy of a completely fresh talk, he replied that he never gives the same speech twice, thereby driving his handlers crazy!