Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yeah....right (rolls eyes)

Our friends at The Onion have a nice "take" on the "Surge" (ESCALATION)

and here's a snippet or two to whet your appetite:

WASHINGTON, DC—Citing a desire to finally make a difference in Iraq, in the past two weeks, more than 800,000 young people from upper-middle- and upper-class families have put aside their education, careers, and physical well-being to enlist in the military, new data from the Department Of Defense shows.


At the on-campus temporary recruitment table at Reed College in Portland, OR, the line of students eager to sign up for active duty stretched around the block Monday. Recruiters across the country reported a similar trend, with scores of young people asking how soon they could be ready to go to battle in Iraq.

"They don't have these recruitment centers where I live," said Daniel Feldman, 26, who resides in the affluent neighborhood of Brookline, MA and recently passed his bar exam. "I didn't realize you could just sign up, but now that I do, all of my friends from law school, yoga class, and temple are going to join, too. And not the Reserves either. We're talking down and dirty, right on the front lines."

I don't think likes us to use the famous emoticons....but if they did I'd display "eyse-rolling emoticons" all over the place.

In the way of commentary I'll offer only this: During Viet Nam, it was always thus. The rich boys walked around town showing off their spiffy National Guard uniforms or recently discovered "Medical Deferrments". The black kids lined up at the bus station for the trip to the induction center. It never was fair.


LoLo said...

This is a FUNNY satire! Read the entire thing; there are several other great lines!

Ed said...

Hi LoLo!

Glad you got some time off from the "food Nazi" duties....