Sunday, January 21, 2007

Can somebody explain this to me?

There are a log of contradictions going on in the Administration's policy on Iraq and I'm looking for somebody to "break it down" for me.....

Let's start with this:

Iraqi President Maliki is being supported in office by the Shiia majority.
The leader of the Shiia majority is cleric Al Sadr
Al Sadr controls the most effective private militia in Iraq, the Mahdi Army
The Shiia Militia populate virtually all the Iraqi security forces (including the police)
The Shiia are allegedly behind most of the "death squads" killing Sunni
The Shiia are supported by Iran
The Sunni are retaliating for the killings AND retaliation againt being thrown out of government.
The Sunni control Al Abnar province through militias there
Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni.

So then:

We're supporting Maliki against the Sunni...


We're moving against Sadr's militia leadership....Sadr's army threatens to attack us if we continue the "crackdown" on their forces.

We're moving troops (4000) into Al Abnar province (Fallujah) to fight Sunni militia

There were 21 of our troops killed in Iraq yesterday.....(13 in a helicopter crash) but the distrubing part was this from Informed Comment

The killing of US troops in Shiite Najaf and Karbala has been a rare event since hostilities ending in late August 2004 between the American military and the Mahdi Army of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The resurgence of lethal hostility in this Shiite area almost certainly has to do with the ongoing US crackdown on the Sadr Movement.(extra emphasis is mine)

So what's going on here? What little semblence of order there is is maintained through Maliki's government which will collapse if he loses the support of the we attack the militias...AND the Sunni at the same time?

This is a plan?

Somebody explain this to me. Please.

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