Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Catching Up

One of the problems with "going academic" in some of the posts is that they take so long that you have to ignore other things to get the post together....So lets do some catching up, eh?

Goddess40 took the time to remind us that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF WISCONSIN STATE CONVENTION, will be held in Milwaukee: Details:

WHEN: Friday, June 29 & Saturday, June 30, 2007
WHERE: Hilton Milwaukee City Center 509 West Wisconsin Avenue

http://www.wisdems.org/ht/display/ReleaseDetails/id/997... Hotel reservations can be made with the Hilton by calling 414-271-7250 or 1-800-445-8667.

Convention delegates and guests can reserve hotel rooms under the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s room block.
If you want to register on line you need the code below:http://www.hiltonmilwaukee.com/reservations.html The code for that convention is: DPWI

This should be good. We will be electing a new state party chair (or re-electing maybe). Thre may be a "floor fight" over the rules for the resolutions (I hope). And there is a possibility that some of the candidates for the '08 Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Party will either be there or have representatives or even hospitality rooms. I'm looking forward to it.

I understand that Dave has reserved a block of five (5) rooms for our delegation so if you want to go, get in touch with Dave to grab one of the rooms. The hotel is rumored to be expensive BUT sharing the costs with a room-mate makes it much more palatable.

Expect to see some of the new looks on the Wood County Dems Website posted within a week. I'm working on it and hope to have some changes made and then will try to update it as the need arises. State and CD District have indicated that they would like to have links to all County Organizations on the State Web Site.
(btw: anybody got a link to the 7th CD Web site? They were going with that "hotshot" ISP and it was supposed to be up by now. Anybody know anything?)
Oh yes, one more thing. Those who are expecting that the Web Site will always have up-to-the-minute information on it, or, that you'll be able to have two-way communications on it, you're going to be disappointed....this blog is actually a better means of communicating than a web site and I cordially invite you to jump in with comments any time you feel like it. (I know you're looking, I've got a way of knowing hehehehehe)
Link to Wheeler Report. Some of you requested a linkage to THE WHEELER REPORT on the website. It didn't occur to me that I could do it here also...so I'll try to put it up on the "sidebar" but until then you can use it here..just click the high-lited link above.
Feingold chairing Judiciary Committee to look at Congressional Authority on War Powers. Here's a link to what's going on. I think he's looking at controlling the "purse strings" but I'll have to admit I didn't read the whole emailed article this morning. Apparently Feingold was applauded and received shouts of "Thank you Senator Feingold" from the audience. (Do you get the feeling we're on the verge of something historic?)
Libby Trial. There's a lot of "live blogging" going on from the Libby Trial. If you're into it (a Plame-o-phile as some call themselves) you can follow Marcy (emptywheel) as she "blogs her brains out" from the press center in the courtroom on firedoglake. Click the high-lited text to get to it. As of 10:45 AM Cheney's Chief Legal Counsel, David Addington is testifying....still time to pop the popcorn before Judith Miller takes the stand. This is one the Plame-ologists have been waiting for.... Can you say "perjury"? Photo at right courtesy of Vanity Fair. On edit: Why does the image of "Munchkins" dancing and singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" keep running through my mind?
About those "250 Insurgents Killed". I didn't "blog" on this for the past two days (the story broke on Sunday Morning) because as with most things that happen Iraq the initial headline is usually proven to be wrong. Well, it was wrong. Turns out that even as the story was breaking, there were three separate narratives about who the "insurgents" were and what the attack was all about. Conventional wisdom was that this was the standard Sunni vs Shiia attack like Bush foretold in his State of the Union speech. But it turns out it was Shiia vs Shiia and worse yet, apparently a millenia faction of Shiia who believe they can bring about the end times by assassinating the top four Shiia Clerics...Al Sistinni in particular. apparently the answer to the question "Who, exactly, are we fighting over there?" is DAMNED NEAR EVERYBODY!
on edit: Over at Dailykos, BarbinMD has a great timeline and synopsis of the battle in Najaf which I described above. Click on the link. Her description of what happened (and when) is much better than mine.
I'll be writing more over at This space reserved....bop on over if you feel ike it.

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LoLo said...

What a wealth of information! And thanks for the heads-up that you are working on getting the website up and operative. I want you to know I have been reading the blog faithfully, as usual, the last few days. I have neglected comments in favor of racing over to my favorite site these days: firedoglake! So, I must be a Plame-ologist! Thanks for identifying me and bestowing this label on me for ID purposes!