Friday, January 05, 2007

A Little Contest for your Friday Evening....

Here's the game:

Below I will give two is an actual incident and the other is fictional...actually from The Onion. You have to guess (no peeking at the links...that's cheating) which one is ACTUAL and which one is fake.


Okay, here's #1

.....Merkel then answered, in a complex way, a question about the success rate of the Quartet. She finished her answer with this telling line: "I must say I am a strong believer in this multilateral effort in these international fora, because it shows clearly where the red line is to those who do not wish for democracy. And this is what we need to do, time and again make it clear to them where the limits are, where the red lines are."Bush, not only desperately needing to get in the last word, but revoltingly undermining the Chancellor's seriousness, added, "No back rubs."

Read it carefully now...........

Okay, here's #2

March 24, 2004 Issue 40•12
BAGHDAD—In a private meeting with Mohammed Bahr al-Ulloum, President Bush urged the Iraqi Governing Council president to amend the recently ratified Iraqi constitution to protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. "The Iraqi constitution, signed just a few short weeks ago, will usher in a new era of democratic freedom in Iraq," Bush said. "But there are some unlawful and unholy acts that the constitution's original drafters could not have possibly intended to protect." Bush then told al-Ulloum he must act quickly and decisively to preserve his country's most sacred tradition.

Okay. Just for fun here's another to complicate matters:

— President Bush announced today that he will sign a bill providing an additional $2.8 billion for private organizations that emphasize the importance of hoping for change.
Bush presents his plan to fund organizations that hope for change.
"This bill acknowledges the immeasurable role of hope in envisioning a better world for everyone," Bush said during a press conference. "Starting today, I ask all Americans to hope together as one nation that the difficult problems that grip our nation will go away someday."

Which one(s) is/are real and which is/are an illusion? (With humble apologies to The Moody Blues)

on edit.....forgot to add my humble thanks to LoLo for providing the link (and hence the inspiration) for this post........

Thanks LoLo!


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Ooooh! I love quizzes like this but it would be cheating to play since I provided the Onion link!

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