Friday, January 19, 2007

Slow news thread time?

Somebody asked last night if just a few of us (meaning locals) are using this blog site. The answer appears to be "yes" but it can (and should) be more of us.

If you want an invitation to become a "team blogger" just post in comments and let me know how to email an invitation to you....We have (I think) six on the team but there are now only two of us who jump in from time to time. The "statcounter" however, says that a lot of you...average about 29 per day...are "bopping in" to see what's happening.

If you're not a "team blogger" you can still leave a comment by clicking on the "comments button" and then signing on as anonymous. Leaving a name is optional....either way your opinion is welcomed.

So about that slow news day....

Sort of a letdown after:

Bill O'Reilly was on Stephen Colbert's show last night. A lot of blogs/websites in Left Blogsylvania say that Colbert "hammered" O'Reilly but I watched it (and the reruns) and I think "Bill-Oh" held his own. He knew Colbert's "schtick" and played it pretty well.

Senator Pat Leahy went ballistic on Attorney General Roberto Gonzolas , Glenn Greenwald did the blow-by-blow on the link. I saw that video too and the reports on this one appear to be far more accurated than the Colbert reports. Levin had him stuttering at the end. Click on the link. That's Senators Leahy and Feingold to the right.....from the hearing..another account of it is here.

Jane Hamser is out of surgery and in recovery. It will be days before we know what (if any ) further trreatment she will need. Get well Jane.

The Rude one (The Rude Pundit) observes quite correctly that Bush has no sense of Irony. If he did he wouldn't have had the nerve to declare Sunday, National Respect for Life Day. (sigh.....)

So if you had 15 seconds to speak to the President, what would you say? What would you "whisper" in his ear?
Somebody asked that the other day and I had to think about it. I finally came up with this (which I saw somewhere but can't remember where) which is all too appropriate:

Mr President, you know that book by Orwell? You know, 1984? Well, sir, it's supposed to be a WARNING not an instruction manual.

Tell me, in comments what you'd tell the President if you had 15 seconds.


LoLo said...

What I have to say to the Preznit would take much longer than 15 seconds! And, I might be rudely interrupted and sent on a torturous rendition journey!

Ed said...

Somehow, LoLo, I suspected that!