Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lots to talk about today...

First, Digby makes a profound remark or two that ends up getting quoted by James Wolcott of Vanity seems that the leaking the the theme of Mr Bush's speech which was leaked to the press yesterday has ruffled more than a few feathers.

The theme, (in case you missed it) is SACRIFICE! Digby has a few choice words for it

...during the time when everyone felt they were doing their patriotic duty by flying as many flags on their cars as possible, it probably would have been inspirational. Sadly, that time passed some time ago, when Iraq was revealed as a strategic and moral cock-up of epic proportions. Now calls to sacrifice for this useless, meaningless meat-grinder are going to sound like somebody's been sneaking into Laura's prescription tranquilizers. (emphasis mine while roflmao).

As much as I'm horrified to see Junior adopt the McCain Doctrine of escalation,
I'm very pleased to see him adopt his rhetoric of sacrifice. Everything Junior
touches turns to garbage and he's going to pull McCain into the rancid compost
heap right along with him. I think it's quite obvious that Americans have
decided they've sacrificed quite enough for the honor of the neocon

And Digby wasn't the only one incensed at the new meme (theme). Keith Olberman saw fit to do another "Special Comment" on it last was more like a rant...I think it lasted almost eight minutes. Here's a link to it on Attaturk's page.

And.....speaking of the ever present Attaturk, he does a little Guest blogging over on Atrio's pad where he tees off on the latest information about Saddam's execution. It seems this just keeps getting worse and worse.

You have to hand it to the Bush Administration, they've managed to oversee the
creation of an Iraqi government ("government?" let's be generous) that was
obviously put together to handle situations with
the same level of "competence" and "integrity" as their patrons. ...a prosecutor at the trial that condemned Mr. Hussein to death, said that one of two men he had seen holding a cellphone camera aloft to make a video of Mr.
Hussein’s last moments — up to and past the point where he fell through the
trapdoor — was Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Mr. Maliki’s national security adviser.
But they are going to "investigate" so I am sure that the fact 'Maliki's
Stephen Hadley' was going all Cellphone B. DeMille (as well as mocking Hussein
and dancing around the gibbet) will have no affect on the impartiality of the
inquiry.If this guy really is the Stephen Hadley of Iraq, I figure he probably
dances like Elaine
making things even more absurd (they took it to "11").

And finally, a right-wing talk show host goes on the air to suggest that he "may have to assassinate" certain members of Congress....does the FBI rush in and shuttle him off to Gitmo?....Nope...instead he gets a primo spot at the RW blog World Net Daily (know in our circles as World NUT Daily) Here's the clip:

A radio talk-show entertainer whose earlier statements that he "may" have to
assassinate members of
Congress if the wrong people were elected Nov. 7 now has set a timetable for those killings. In a statement on his website, Hal Turner noted that a newspaper has reported that a bill granting amnesty to illegal aliens is expected to be enacted in January, when the Democratic Party takes control of the U.S. Senate and House. "ANY MEMBER OF CONGRESS WHO INTRODUCES, CO-SPONSORS OR VOTES IN FAVOR OF ANY SUCH AMNESTY WILL BE DECLARED A DOMESTIC ENEMY AND WILL BE CONSIDERED A LEGITIMATE TARGET FOR ASSASSINATION," Turner posted on his website

There's tons and tons of more "good stuff" on the web today....I may post again later.


LoLo said...

I agree--lots going on today. I have just this little item of poetic justice to add: Keith Ellison (newly elected Minnesotan who happens to be a Muslim) plans to use in his private inaugural ceremony a Koran donated to the Library of Congress by that terrorist sympathizer himself--Thonas Jefferson! (Jefferson was from the same VA district as the congressman named Good who has been criticizing Ellison for using a Koran.)

Ed said...

That's just too good.

Let's see Virgil Good criticize that....