Monday, January 01, 2007

Sheriff Tom got some "ink"

I don't know if this appeared in the Rapids Paper but this clip from the Marshfield News-Herald today is pretty flattering to Sheriff Tom.

Click here for the link.

and a snippet or two:

Stopping drug trafficking in the county has been a priority for Reichert. Last spring, the department, with the help of a Marshfield officer and the Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force, announced the largest drug bust in Wood County history.

The sheriff's department is moving forward with its focus on keeping children safe. Deputies currently are conducting security checks at schools across the county, Reichert said.


Reichert also plans to continue another program he started during the past 18 months. Besides holding weekly office hours in Marshfield, Reichert will hold office hours in each community in the county at some point during the year.

Tax savings also are a priority for Reichert during the next four years. Reichert is working with department members to manage the patrol fleet of vehicles more efficiently, he said. He's also working to ensure the county gets the most cost-effective vehicles for the job.

"We've started so many programs during the last 18 months that the focus is going to be on continuing them," he said.

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