Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Okay....I was wrong

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about Bush's speech....on just about everything.

And quite frankly, I'm really surprised that I was wrong.

From what I've seen of the speech...I couldn't do more than one minute at a time so I've had to depend on transcripts, video clips and commentary...he managed to "control himself" pretty well last night.

Instead of lashing out, he (as characterized by others) he sort of begged to "give his plan a chance to work". That's so a matter of fact, the MSNBC on-line article actually uses the word "pleads" in describing Bush's request.

He offered another veritable "laundry list" of domestic programs but as near as I can tell, those proposed programs have already met with stiff opposition..........FROM REPUBLICANS!

What the blogosphere seems to be buzzing about this morning is newly-elected Senator Jim Webb's (D-Virginia , the sane part) eight minute response to the SOTU. (View it here) He's getting what can only be called "rave" reviews. I listened to it and thought it was done better than ANY Democratic response in recent memory. No doubt about it, Webb is a rising star in the Democratic Party.

I'm beginning to think that Rove simply wanted Bush to get out of the Chambers alive last night so he/they more or less "mailed it in".

Interesting side note to last night's speech.While I was watching the coverage on MSNBC, Tom Brokaw was droning on and on being interrupted only by Tweety (Chris Mathews) making an occassional inane remark but the camera was following Bush out of the House Chambers...Bush was signing autographs on his way out...(The image of fans getting the autograph of the "aging Rockstar" who's on his last hurrah was almost overwhelming) but when Bush reached the hallway, there were a couple of Senators there to greet him and one of them was our own Russ Feingold.
Here's a DUer account of what happened:

Once Bush had left the chamber, the MSNBC cameras caught him meeting and greeting Feingold.
They shook hands with Bush's left hand on the back of Feingold's shoulder.
Feingold then says something and gestures in the other direction with the rolled up piece of paper in his left hand, consisting of maybe 5-8 words.
Bush then says something very very snotty, and Feingold returns with something else, and escorts Bush along in the way he had been walking, with a brush of his hand to Bush's elbow.
Feingold then pivots and walks back in the other direction past the camera with a truly fiery pissed off look on his face.What was said? Any TiVo'ers able to get this and post it?

I saw the exchange and I didn't think is was that dramatic but apparently a number of other posters did. Nobody seems to have picked up on it as of this morning
.Anybody else see that?

What did you think?

So what did you think of the speech?


LoLo said...

I was shocked that SOTU was so booooring! I had carefully prepared (with huge bowl of popcorn in hand) to sneer and grumble my way through the ordeal but midway through I almost nodded off. I did, of course, notice the conciliatory and flattering words to Nancy Pelosi at the beginning, followed (predictably) by the use of Democrat (instead of Democratic) Party a few seconds later. So much for fleeting partisanship!

I missed the Feingold moment completely. Maybe I was still in napping mode from the speech! However, I was struck by the lack of passion or even combativeness in the speech and the pleading, almost begging tone. Of course, none of it meant anything at all except for more promises to break. Clearly, the health insurance idea would be a disaster and, as for energy promises, we have been there before with no results. Left out entirely, was any mention of the Katrina disaster. As one newscaster put it last night: "Bush is not only a lame duck but a dead duck!"

Ed said...

I like that: "Bush is not only a lame duck but a dead duck!" It's amazing to watch and hear the Republicans abandoning him in droves....there is still a faint hope that he will retire in disgrace.....

Right now 3:30PM Cheney is on CNN saying Saddam Had WMDs and also Saddam kicked the inspectors out all that stuff that was debunked three years ago...Blitzer is arguing with and (by some accounts) Cheney is getting really pissed!