Sunday, January 06, 2008

Post Iowa....and on to New Hampshire...

On our side, there was much to be happy about in Iowa last Thursday night...

among those things:

An incredible victory speech by Obama....I've heard it referred to by some of our locals as well as hosts and hostesses on NPR as "Kennedyesque". I watched part of it on Youtube and thought it was pretty good, but I still don't see what all the fuss was about.....

Which brings up another thing for us to be happy about. Obama seems to have captured the nation's imagination and there seems to be (as LoLo refers to it) and Obama "fever" going on at the moment. That means that there is some fire ....some enthusiasism in the Democratic Party and especially among the young which accounted for a goodly portion of Obama's support in Iowa.

And another thing to be happy about....Democrats out caucused the Republicans in Iowa at a rate of 2-1. There is much more enthusiasm among Democrats for their candidates than there is among Republicans for their candidates.

And yet, another thing to be happy about.....The total votes for all three leading Democratic candidates in Iowa were INDIVIDUALLY higher than the number of votes for the winning Republican....

And finally....HUCKABEE WON! His victory is driving the mainstream Republican party's a few snippets of what his fellow Republicans are saying about him....

from NRO'S "The Corner":

Mike Huckabee's stunning victory in Thursday's Iowa caucuses does more
than change the GOP nomination race. With a platform explicitly grounded in
his Christian faith and a populist economic message, Mr. Huckabee offers the
Republican Party a new political narrative, light years removed from the
limited government principles governing the GOP in the Reagan and
post-Reagan era. This pro-faith, pro-government message may sound strange to
American ears — but it is a staple of conservative political parties on the
European continent. Mr. Huckabee, in other words, essentially gives
Republicans a choice: Does the GOP want to become a Christian Democratic
party? To answer that question, Republicans should look carefully at
Christian Democracy to see if it is a model worth emulating.

In other words....Republicans are doing a whole lot of soul-searching
By the way...Thanks to LoLo for being the perfect Hostess for yesterday's Executive Committee Meeting....
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