Monday, January 07, 2008

Get on the train...........

Thanks to NJdodge, here's a nice picture of the "Obama Train" coming down the referenced by the incomparable Jane Hamser at firedoglake blog.
Jane takes off on Clinton pollster, Mark Penn in this post and notes that the guy not only has "ethics" problems, but has been and continues to be WRONG on almost every bit of info that he provides to Hillary. Jane thinks the guy should be thrown under the bus....or maybe the train eh?
some snippets:
Positive spin is one thing, but if he's no better pollster than that, I can well imagine that big donors to the Clinton campaign are shaken up. Is that what his own internal polling was telling him? Was he bullshitting the Clintons the same way he was bullshitting the public?

The Clinton campaign needs to retool and they need to do it quickly. Dumping Penn would eject an enormous negative from her campaign. Penn is a notorious union buster who had the amorality and piss-poor judgment to go to work for Blackwater in the midst of her campaign, fer chrissakes. Did he tell her to vote for Kyl-Lieberman too? "No big deal?"
Did they not see this train coming?

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