Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lighten up a little....

Our friend Tbogg is in rare form this morning and his site is a good way to lighten up ...

first, he publishes this picture

With the caption:

Then he goes into some "random" news items...the funniest of which is this:
Congratulations to Burger King for their Whopper Freakout commercials which may also serve as public service spots raising everyones self esteem by portraying Whopper aficionados as the kind of people who make eugenics if not desirable , at least worth looking into. No wonder the Islamofalafelists think we're ripe for the picking.
and, of course, making fun of Billo is ALWAYS in fashion:
Bill O'Reilly tries to talk to Barrack Obama and makes a fool out of himself. Bill-O has been around long enough to know that the easiest way to get candidates attention would have been to yell, " Motherfucker, I want an interview!".
There's much more so click on the link and enjoy!

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