Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm back

Sorry I was gone so long but things have been a bit crazy for me lately. I was derelict in my duty to post the notice of last Thursday night's meeting but I'm glad I didn't because the weather turned into a mess and Dave ended up telling members to use their own discretion on whether to make the trip.

During the day on Thursday, I was listening to my scanner and couldn't believe the number of accidents, rollovers and "motorist assist" calls coming in to the Sheriff's department. Sheriff Tom's boys did a good job but still had to call in off-duty troopers to handle the load....Good work guys....

I think I've been jaded badly by a movie I have seen twice now (-30 degree windchills promote a lot of movie watching, eh?) called Idiocracy. Here's a review of the movie on Wiki... but let me give just a short review of the plot...

A completely "average" individual is recruited for an Army hibernation experiment in which he's supposed to be placed in suspended animation for a year...instead the experiment is forgotten and he ends up sleeping for 500 years, awakening in a world that has been completely "DUMBED DOWN" . According to the (admittedly weak) plot, the Army couldn't find an "average" female recruit to volunteer for the project so they recruit a prostitute. When both of these characters awake in 2505 they find that they are, amazingly, the most intelligent people in the world. The movie takes dead aim at the "dumbing down" phenonomen, anti-intellectualism and rampant commercialism and deftly scores a bulleye. For example, Fox News is the network of choice in 2505 but the host is a "Chippendale" dancer and the hostess is a Playboy bunny......Starbucks has branched out to include massages...massage parlor type...and the "special of the day" is "a double latte with full release" The movie is written and produced by Mike Judge of "Office Space" fame and the humor is remarkably similar.
The problem can't look at ANY of today's news without comparing it to the movie....especially when it comes down to:

The Bush Administration's foreign policy from the LA Times via Atrios:
WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration is beginning its last year in office by quietly scaling back its foreign policy ambitions as it struggles with new obstacles and rapidly dwindling influence.
The upshot is that the Bush administration is going to be spending the next year managing crises and tidying up messes until the next president takes over, rather than reaching legacy milestones, as officials recently had hoped.

The Republican Presidential Nominee Candidates..from our friends at Crooks and Liars....listen to the crew's reaction to Thompson's speech... (transcript below)

Fredrick of Hollywood just gave a speech in SC that was full of sound and ___, signifying nothing…WTF was that?
Olbermann: What was that about?
Matthews: We were snookered.
Off Camera: What the?
Olbermann: Apparently the people that were asked to sacrifice were you and me…

And finally, in the "arena" of pop culture, we have this:

That's "Siren" from American Gladiators, the top-ranked show on NBC.....
Is it 2008 or 2505?
somebody please....

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