Friday, August 31, 2007

Some observations from the fair

We were a lot busier yesterday than I thought we would be.

LoLo mentioned that she thinks there's a lot of interest in the Democratic Party of Wood County Booth this year....especially true because it's a non-election year. I think she's right.

I cruised by the Repubs booth a couple of times yesterday and didn't see too much activity there....

On the way home (I walked) I was joined by a Republican friend of mine who noted that our booth "seemed busier than usual". He was right. I asked politiely how their booth was going...he said "sort of slow, 'cause, you know, nobody likes Bush". He did allow that the statement was except for "some" in the party.

While this kind of anecdotal evidence is fun to talk about, I wouldn't take it too seriously because we might, I fear, become complacent....and we can't afford that...besides, since when did any of us know the Conservatives to give up without a nasty, dirty, no-holds-barred fight?

Not me....

actually not any of us....get ready for a 2008 BRAWL!

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