Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good thoughts from Atrios

If you get a chance to bop on over to Eschaton today, please do so...although I can't resist quoting him for your enjoyment.

As has been the case for some many things these
past years the choices were never "nothing" or "Pony plan." The choices were
always "nothing" or "George Bush's plan." The failure to comprehend that simple
fact has prevented members of our very serious crowd of pundits from listening
to or admitting to the validity of criticism of so many things. Years later,
opponents of the Iraq invasion are almost entirely absent from our mainstream
our discourse even though they were the ones who were pointing out what was
going wrong in real time even as the Weekly Standard cheerleaders were simply
telling us that hope was a plan and that clapping louder was the best thing we
could do.

For years it's been a verbal tic of many Iraq
war opponents to assert "I supported the war in Afghanistan..." as a necessary
prophylactic to charges of "unserious peacenik dirty fucking hippie!" The
question is dangling, however... "should you have?" At the very least, shouldn't
you have tried to open the door to critics who were less than supportive, not
because they hate America, but because they were concerned that George Bush
would fuck the whole thing up? Because it was hard to imagine that they'd
actually go in and rebuild the place?

A lot of the denizens of Left Blogsylvania are speaking the (openly) the truths that most of us have felt since 2002, 2003 and maybe even earlier....It's good to hear these things and maybe if enough people hear them we will reach some kind of public "critical mass" and make REAL CHANGE happen..

Have a good Sunday...

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