Sunday, August 19, 2007

So they finally get it.....

Remember when Paul O'Neill left the White House and wrote his book, "The Price of Loyalty"? He said, among other things, that he never saw a "white paper" in the Bush Whitehouse....that is there were no debates about policy (usually expressed in a "White Paper") ...all discussions ...about taxes...about national defense...about war and peace...all issues were discussed in terms of "politics"....specifically whether they would help or hinder in creating what Karl Rove was beginning to term "a permanent Republican majority"

So why should John Avarosis over at Americablog be surprised about this?


Karl Rove made the rounds of the Sunday shows. Basically the same old spin and blatant lies from Bush's brain. More interesting was McCain's analysis of Rove, which he made on "Face the Nation":

Senator John McCain of Arizona, a Republican presidential candidate who followed Mr. Rove on “Face the Nation,” said that history would decide whether Mr. Rove had been “good or bad for American politics,” and that the assessment would depend largely on the outcome of the Iraq war.

Get that? The judgment of Rove's role in politics depends on Iraq. That's because Rove was key to Bush's Iraq strategy. And, that's because for Bush, Iraq has been all about politics and public relations. McCain confirmed it today -- and he should know. The Senator from Arizona fully supports the Bush/Rove "stay the course" in Iraq strategy.

So they finally, after four years they understand that there isn't any genius involved in the Bush/Rove's all about politics and raising...

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