Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More on those (liberal) Hawks

Atrios does a fine job of documenting the before and after justifications for the war in Iraq by some allegedly "liberal" pundits, think-tankers and bloggers....and then wraps them up in a nice, neat package with a bow on it...

And here's my favorite quote:

They wanted war. They'd constructed a little world in which that made sense, and most weren't above invoking the specter of weapons of mass destruction, which reasonable people consider a "threat," directly or indirectly. They may not have being saying "we must invade Iraq before Saddam nukes us!" but they were certainly invoking those weapons. And the rubes heard them loud and clear.

There are a couple of points that deeply disturb me....

first, from the pre-war justifications of these authors and the post-war rationalizations, it becomes absolutely clear that they are either suffering from mass amnesia or they knew...let me rephrase that...they ABSOLUTELY KNEW that their pre-war arguments were BULLSHIT. If the latter is true then the dishonest manipulation of the public (that would be us "rubes" out in the hinterlands) is nothing short of criminal.

I think it IS CRIMINAL.

The second point is the one Christy and Jane have been hammering away on for a couple of months now. There is a group of "insider" pundits (the "Dean" of which is David Broder) who believe it is their responsibility to support the status quo at any cost and convince the rest of the nation that they are out of step. This media elite is equally responsible for dragging us into Iraq.

a couple of


Atrios post was NOT about KKKarl Rove...thank god.

The Monthly meeting is going to be a PICNIC IN THE PARK on the 16th....I'll post more tomorrow.

Today is going to get hectic so I probably won't have time to post much more today.

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