Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just a quick reminder about the Monthly meeting tomorrow night....In Chair Dave Wille's very own words:

Here's the agenda for the August meeting on Thursday. As a reminder, it is a picnic meeting at Pittsville Riverside Park. Next month we return to Legion Hall. See you Thursday.

The picnic starts at 5:30.

The agenda:

I. Secretary’s report (Dede)
II. Treasurer’s report (Deane)
III. Chairman’s report (Dave)
IV. Special reports (Elected officials and their reps)
V. Committee reports (chairs)
A. Standing committees
B. Ad hoc committee
1. Parade review and fair preview (Norm)
2. Brochure (Dede)
VI. Fathers rights issue developments (Carole)
VII. Other issues???
VIII. Solve all of the world’s problems in 120 seconds (Two minutes by anyone, on anything)
Our September Meeting will be at the Legion Hall in Pittsville.

Sooooooooooooooo who's bringing the "green stuff"? Can't have a picnic in Wisconsin unless somebody brings the "green stuff".

And yes, I'm ranting over here again....

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