Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'll get back to the State-wide politics in a second but I' ve wrapped up my summary of the trip here

Amy Sue had a piece in today's Marshfield News-Herald about the proposed Cable Franchising bill.....and in that article I think she gives away her stance on the Governor's proposed State-Wide Smoking it here...tell me what you think...When I was in Madison on 7/25 she was still undecided.

I suppose we should be getting ready for the County/State Fair. Anybody signing up to work yet? Who has the sign-up sheet?

Things seem to be pretty quiet right anything you want to argue about?

The Democratic Candidates Debate(s)....personally I think it's a bit EARLY to even be doing this...

Just for fun....I'm posting a picture of me, the food nazi and our favorite State Senator, Julie Lassa.

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