Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Morning...cuppa coffee anybody?

Just clicking through the blogs and finding some interesting stuff....

Our old buddy Attaturk has a great piece on the "Why do they hate us?" puzzle....and some interesting responses...Check it out here..

Also the Headline over at Jesus General caught my eye...the headline? "If Knowledge is Power to the Public, then Ignorance is Power to the Leaders." Yeah, that seems about right.

The bigtime bloggers (KOS, Digby etc) like to refer to right wing columnist David Brooks as "BoBo" and regularly dis his work......for good reason.....apparently (according to Brooks) the Iraq War is "all the Democrats fault". I'll explain right after you wipe the spewed coffee off of your monitor.......ready? goes...

It seems "journalistic rules" prevent the mainstream journalists from questioning the pResident. They can only "report" if others question him. Obviously, the Democrats never actually questioned the pResident or perhaps didn't question him they merrily went on to war without question....


It's all our fault.

Pancake breakfast at the airport this morning........I love the smell of coffee and JP4 (jet fuel for you slackers) in the smells like.....victory

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