Thursday, July 26, 2007

Against the Wall, Pig!!!

I remember that particular phrase from the 60's as the unabashed declaration of commitment to a cause (pick one or more if you like: Civil rights, Woman's rights, Reproductive rights, Viet Nam War, Legalize Pot (and all other drugs too), Free ______(insert name of person/group here), Animal rights)


There were a lot of things to get behind in those days......

but now?

Now we're infected with the Lieberman Method...which is..."partisanship" is not cool. Nosireeee.....if you're a "partisan" (e.g. you believe in something...strongly and have the audacity to say so) then you're "not a serious person". Because serious persons ALWAYS compromise on ALL ISSUES. Serious persons always capitulate to their opponents. Serious persons always "go along to get along."


Once again, I reference the admired Jane Hamser over at firedoglake in her sterling defense of partisanship.

She says she is proud to be a partisan, and I agree with her. Here are a couple of choice snippets:

But people like Joe Lieberman (and his protege Barack Obama) who consistently indulge this frame ought to know that sometimes the right thing to do is to acknowledge that the other side cannot be bargained with, that no negotiation is possible, that what you’re up against is just wrong and it’s incumbent upon people of conscience to draw a line in the sand and say “enough.” That too is partisanship, and they need to stop decrying it just because it focus groups well with people sick of the GOP and their bully tactics. Partisanship in fact has a glorious history.


Lieberman considers his refusal to criticize Republicans a reflection of the fact that he is above “partisan bickering,” but really it’s just collaboration with those who have gone utterly rogue and lawless. It’s an excuse to do their bidding for personal political gain. And with all due respect to Barack Obama, about whom there are many things to admire, the “pox on both your houses” messaging he so frequently invokes whether he is promoting himself or criticizing this administration does not do justice to those who have steadfastly fought the battle to hold George Bush, Dick Cheney and their criminal cabal accountable. Yes, we’re partisans.

The need to fight right now to restore the Constitution and end the war is strong, and that means some people are going to have to take a stand against a ruthless and intractable opponent. We need to rally behind them and acknowledge their heroism rather than stand back and allow others to tear them down as “partisans” for their willingness to do so.

Because sometimes fighting is the right thing to do.

I’m proud to be a partisan.

Because of "fair use" requirements I'm not reprinting all of Jane's article but you need to know that she touches upon examples she learned from a visit to the Holucust Museum in Washington D.C. just a few months ago. That part of her post is extremely touching...actually very moving...but wouldn't make sense to our readers without the context of what I published above.

I am reminded that we, locally, were faced with a choice between the "Lieberman Method" and being labeled "Partisans" not long ago. And today, I see the individual struggles our membership went through in choosing between the two polar opposites. Maybe I've provided (through the eyes of Jane Hamser) a different context in which we can evaluate future political decisions....


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