Thursday, July 12, 2007

About that "C- minus"

I heard on the radio that the Bush administration released the report on how well Iraq is doing in meeting it's "benchmarks"....remember a "benchmark" is different from a "goal" or a "timetable" least according to the master linguist George W. Bush......

There were 18 "benchmarks"

The Iraqi government met (according to Bush) 8 ...that's right 8..e..i..g..h..t of them.. and that gives them a "C-minus" according to Bush's grading system.....

Hmmmm eight of eighteen that's what?....44.44444% about grade inflation!

We're not hearing about what those eight of eighteen that they met actually were...

But we can have fun playing with them (insert evil grin here)

For instance:

They FAILED to meet the benchmark of reaching a political settlement between the parties in the Legislature.


The DID meet the benchmark learning how to make do with only 4 hours of available electricity a day.

They FAILED to reach agreement on how to divvy up the oil revenues.


They did meet the benchmark of learning how to make really, really effective booby traps for American troops.

We could go on and on but you get the idea.....the Administration sets an incredibly low bar for itself.

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