Sunday, July 15, 2007

dammit, dammit, dammit,dammit.....

I've been involved a lot in local issues this week and completely missed this:

Doug Marlette, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Political Cartoonist, and person I knew and watched grow up in my small home town, was killed in a car accident in Mississippi. He was only 57.

I'll remember the shy kid scribbling on a piece of paper...a kid we would probably call a nerd these days....I was three years ahead and as an upper classman, far too "important" to waste time on an underclassman. I wish I had known him better but I still took a great deal of pride in knowing that we were alumni of the same high school when I saw the brilliance of his political cartoons and saw him win the Pulitzer for this cartoon depicting the grief of the nation after the Challenger Accident.

RIP touched us in a very special way.


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