Friday, July 13, 2007

Some good stuff on the web

It's been hard to type with one of my fingers wrapped in a HUGE! friggin bandage....but today there are some things out there that are really worth the annoyance. (the bandage is so big it covers at least two keys ...hence, "touch typing" is challenging)

First over at Whiskey Fire, Thers comments on the eternal hope of right wing bloggers...for war...or for turning the Middle East into some version of Disney Land..a few choice snippets:

Here's a fun phrase: "For some reason, this isn't front-page news. It should be." I advise you that whenever you hear these words strung together, you are hearing the sounds of an ax being ground, and you are Gawain and it is the Green Knight spinning the wheel.

In other words, heads up.

The person who said this is Andy Sullivan and he is referring to recent riots in Iran. As to these riots, Andy says, and I quote:

Know hope.

Oh fuck you, Obi-Wan. What the fuck is this, "know hope"?


My essential point is that I am resentful and disdainful of this attitude that there is some moral value in encouraging American citizens to look at the Middle East or anywhere fucking else like we watch sporting events. "Meet the Mets or Meet the Mullahs!" It's crazy. "Know hope"? Know that that's a fucked up thing to say if you're, like, a thinking adult.

Please click on over and read the whole's quite good...and it puts a good, sober perspective on the attempts by the inhabitants of the Land of Right Wingnuttia to gin up another war in the middle east. Presently they're picking on Iran but when they get bored with that you can count on them starting on Syria.

"John Edwards is on the campaign trail. He's now doing something called his 'Poverty Tour', where he's visiting people who have no money and no hope. His first stop today: John McCain's headquarters." ---Jay Leno

"Sixty eight percent of Republicans don't believe in evolution. On the other hand, only five percent of monkeys believe in Republicans." ---Stephen Colbert

Never forget, America: Republicans invented the punch clock, Democrats invented the weekend.

"Earlier today a new list of the Seven Wonders of the World were unveiled and the list includes the Great wall of China, The Taj Mahal and the Coliseum in Rome. After seeing the list, President Bush asked, 'What about Space Mountain?'" ---Conan O'Brien

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