Thursday, May 03, 2007

So...What happens After the Veto?

Bush finally used his mighty veto pen....after revving up the mighty Republican MSM Wurlitzer to make it look like the Democrats were:

1. Leaving the soldiers without bullets, food, equipment, health care, or oreo cookies.

2. Substituting "Political judgement" for "Military Judgement".

In reality neither of those things are true but CNN's little interview with correspondent Barbara Starr willfully, shamelessly and without any sense of irony at all, dutifully read a list of "cutbacks" the Pentagon was going to make if the funding isn't passed. They ignored the fact that present funds will last at least until the end of June and maybe even longer than that.

Further, CNN never bothered to mention that all the President has to do is accept the "benchmarks" his administration had previously supported which the Democrats put in the funding bill and VIOLA! ....all the money you requested (and more actually if you count the money that Dave Obey added for Veterans Health Care) is immediately available.

But my point here wasn't to carp about the media's DISGRACEFUL and that's all that needs to be said.

My point is that Harry Reid and Nancy have said all along that they EXPECTED Bush to veto the bill and that they had a readily available "Plan B".

Something like this? Are there backup bills waiting in the wings? Or, will they follow the advice that John Edwards is touting in his recent "emergency campaign ad" that urges Congress to keep sending the same bill back to the White House, again and again and again until pressure from the public overwhelms him....

I hope Nancy and Harry have their act together. This is a crucial time for the party as well as the country as a whole. The American people spoke very clearly in November for change. They rejected Bush and his incompetent administration and their equally incompetent policies. The Democrats have a mandate and they'd damned well better use it. It's time to take lessons from Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold and GROW A DAMNED SPINE!

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