Saturday, May 26, 2007


I've now read two accounts, one on Kos that I can't find the link to and now another on Rude Pundit, that explain the Democratic Party Surrender to the Bush on the supplemental bill....and

Additionally, I've seen the explanations of Congressmen Kagen and Kind and also Senator Kohl about their votes on the bill.

In the first case, it appears that everybody's favorite Democrat, Joe Liebermann, threatened to bolt to the Republican Caucus if Reid and the Dems didn't back off. The results would have cost us our slim one-vote majority in the Senate which would be other words BLACKMAIL.

In the latter case, renewal to Wisconsin's highly successful and incredibly popular Senior Care program was put in the supplemental funding bill as an....ahem...incentive for Congressman Kind, Congressman Kagen and Senator Kohl to vote for the other words BRIBERY.


Hold the healthcare of our Senior Citizens hostage to this terribly planned and executed war...and while we're at it...throw in a self-serving egomaniac like Lieberman to ensure the death of more kids.

What has this country come to?

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