Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here's a very flattering account of our convention (and our whole Congressional District for that matter) by the Edwards Campaign people who attended the convention.

Notice this:

In almost every account, compliment or positive comment we have received, the compliment was directed to either WOOD COUNTY or the WOOD COUNTY DEMOCRATS..not Marshfield.

I'm quite pleased with that.

here are a few choice snippets

One of the finer examples of what CD parties can be and should be is the 7th Congressional District. Since 1969, Representative Dave Obey has served the northern part of the state in the U.S. House and is currently the chair of the House Appropriations Committee. In some ways, just as importantly, Dave Obey has been one of the most important people in the history of the modern Democratic Party in Wisconsin.


Then the speakers started. State legislators, the CD party chair, and activists of note all spoke to the delegates not just of how Republican rule in D.C and Madison had failed, but also how Democrats were going about changing it. They was not just an air of outrage, but also one of enthusiasm for working on a Democratic agenda now and how we'll really get things done for "the people" after 2008, when we electe a Democrat to the Whte House, re-take the assembly and add to our margins in the senate in Wisconsin, add to our margins in both the U.S. House and Senate, and overall, make sure people understand that the Democratic Party is working for them, not just the privileged and the corporations that dominate politics now.


And I couldn't have had a better time up in the 7th Congressional District, the Northwoods. They're great Democrats up there, and tremendous supporters of John Edwards - and they highlight why he is the best Democrat for 2008.

At first I was slightly offended by his continual references to us as "rural" and "Northwoods" but I understand that he's referring to parts of our district who do consider themselves as "rural" and Northwoods" . Maybe I'm too sensitive to the Madison/Milwaukee mentality.

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