Saturday, May 19, 2007


The meeting last Thursday night proved momentous....

It was momentous because Democrats of Wood County voted to stand up for integrity matter what the "politically correct" thing to do is... matter what the "politically smart" thing to do is...

The Wood County Dems voted to stand against the mere "appearance of impropriety"

The Wood County Dems voted to stand against the influence of money in the political system

They voted to ask Joe Wineke to resign his lobbying position with AT & T and, failing that, to resign his position as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Remember how the Repubs tried to paint Governor Doyle's administration as corrupt during last November's election? No more will we allow our party members to feed the repubs more more will we tolerate actions which bring disrepute on our party.

At the same time our Party did that, the Eau Claire County Dems voted to unconditionally ask Joe for his resignation....others are pending as we speak.

Damn I'm proud of these folks.....

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