Tuesday, February 27, 2007

There's a LOT at stake....

...in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race.

If you think it doesn't matter, well, obviously the Conservatives do.....look at what showed up in The Capital Times

An e-mail and a voice message arrived Thursday from a public relations flack named Tim Scheiderer.
It's not strange in my job to get PR pitches, but this one reveals just how far a new right-wing cabal is going to get conservatives like Annette Ziegler elected to states' highest courts.

Scheiderer's voice message, which I assume was sent to most of the media in Wisconsin, explained how important the race between Ziegler and Madison attorney Linda Clifford is to "the future of the court," as if I didn't know.

But, to help me and presumably other newspaper editors understand that importance, Scheiderer said he is willing to set up an off-the-record interview with David W. Simon and Rick Esenberg.

Okay....I'll admit...to this point I had no clue who Scheiderer is...but the reporter is an experienced political reporter and, (dare I say it?) JOURNALIST....so he did some digging.

I'll let him tell it from here..

"Here is where it gets more interesting. The phone number for Scheiderer isn't a Wisconsin one, but belongs to a PR firm called CRC (Creative Response Concepts) Public Relations headquartered in Alexandria, Va.
And who is CRC Public Relations? Hold onto your hat. It's the same public relations outfit that did a lot of the dirty work for the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the sinister organization that sought to destroy John Kerry's military record. Among its other clients are the Republican National Committee, the Christian Coalition, Grover Norquist's National Taxpayers Union, and Regnery Publishing, the right-wing book producer.
It also promotes right-wing blogs, including the one that attacked Dan Rather's report on George W. Bush's sorry National Guard record during the last presidential campaign.

Scheiderer acted surprised when I asked him who was paying his firm. He ducked the question, claiming instead that CRC works closely with the "Federalist Society," a group comprised mainly of conservative lawyers, but not known for shelling out money on election campaigns.

Dave Zwiefel goes on to say that he expects this to be the dirtiest Supreme Court race in Wisconsin history....WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce) is already sinking tons of cash into Linda Clifford's opponent's race (I won't print the opponents name because of trolls.....) It could get ugly/

If the Republicans and their conservative surrogate organizations think this "little, bittty, eency-weency, Wisconsin Supreme Court race is this important, then mayby, just maybe. IT IS!!!

Thankfully the Capital Times reporter, Dave Zweifel, (pictured above courtesy of the Capital Times)is an experienced journalist with great Wisconsin connections (and apparently a good memory). He exposed this in the Capital Times today but this information needs to get out far and wide....link to this post in emails to your friends.

Better yet.....

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