Monday, February 26, 2007

Sy Hersch scares me...

This guy has been talking about pentagon planning for an attack on Iran for almost a year now. He hasn't been correct on it yet but his sources are usually unimpeachable...anyway...he came out with a new article in New Yorker Magazine yesterday and this one is even scarier than the others because it outlines the Middle EAst Strategy of the Bush administration and, as usual, it's a Rube Goldberg Strategy....

On top of that, he went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer yesterday. Here's the link to the Crroks & Liars video.

Here are the high points:

The Bush Administration is secretly funding covert actions in Lebanon aimed at STRENGTHENING SUNNI extremist combat the SHIIA EXTREMIST GROUPS. Oh, did I mention some of the SUNNI groups are associated with AL QUEDA? Did you remember that Osama Bin Laden is also a Sunni?

It is being funded by money that disappeared in IRAQ and also with money from Prince Bandar (aka Bandar Bush) in Saudi Arabia.

Negroponte's resignation as head of DCI and reappointment to a relatively minor job in the State Department is because he suspected the above activities resembled IRAN-CONTRA too closely for comfort and wanted no part of it.

Our good friend, Jesus General, gives us a graphic to sort things out more clearly.

We're definitely not is Kansas anymore.......

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