Thursday, February 08, 2007

News from Other Dems

I have a soft spot for the Chequamegon Bay Area of Wisconsin. I love the place. I keep in touch with the Chequamegon Democrats and receive their monthly Newsletter, The Chequamegon Democrat. I thank Jim and Joanne for sending it to me. I received the latest edition today and found (like always) an active and committed membership and lots of activities.

One thing really caught my eye. On January 26, their Executive Committee met and finalized the workding of their own resolution on the escalation of the war in Iraq and urging members of Congress to vote agains appropriations that would expand the war.

The resolution was sent to Senators Feingold and Kohl and Congressman Dave Obey, and, according to the newsletter, the letters "...mentioned the costs of the war in terms of lives, lost opportunities and treasure, noting Wisconsin taxpayers will pay over $6 billion for the war in Iraq."

Here is the resolution:

Resolved ,the Chequamegon Democratic Party of Ashland and Bayfield Counties implores Congress to heed the undeniable will of the American Citizenry and the overwhelming majority of Iraqis to end the misguided, reckless military involvement in Iraq. We support all necessary funding to protect our troops and to bring them home safely, BUT we urge you to vote against "emergency supplemental" funding and other requests for extra funds beyond the regular budget that prolong or escalate the war. Congress must exercise its budgetary responsibility. It owes that to America's brave fighting men and women and it owes the American public legislative honesty and accountability.

Interesting. This is almost identical to what Senator Feingold has been saying on the talk shows recently.

Best wishes to our fellow Democrats. Hope to see you at the 7th CD Convention in April.

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