Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Few Things...

First, the Libby jury has shown some signs of life....asking a question about a certain charge...for the Plameologists, that's the Cooper Perjury charge. Jane, Marcy and Christie think that charge should be an acquittal..... Live blogging going on from the Prettyman (hehehehe...I love that name) Courthouse.

Next, Laura Bush lost the "sympathy vote" by appearing with Larry King and saying (paraphrased) that things are going pretty good in Iraq except for the "one bombing a day"......Sorry Laura, the reports show over 200 attacks a day. The news only shows us the most significant. Jon Stewert and The Daily Show did a take on it last night. Here's the link.

The Rude Pundit had some suggestions for what Laura SHOULD have said but as usual, it's pretty RUDE...

Glenn Greenwald takes a few shots at the favorite right-wing pundit technique of picking "random" anonymous comments on Left wing blogs as an example of the "unhinged" nature of Left wing bloggers. He relates this (rightly, I think) to the intellectully dishonest practice of using anecdotal stories as "evidence" of the whole. It's an excellent article. You can link to it here. Glenn puts it well here:

"UPDATE II: This whole issue raises a broader point: the reliance by idiots and deceivers on the fallacy of argument by anecdote, one of the lowest (and most commonly invoked) forms of fallacious reasoning. "

and "hits it out of the park "here:


Those who rely on that cheap, tawdry tactic are really indistinguishable -- just in terms of the methods -- from, say, websites run by white supremacists who, every day, troll the news wires and post individual stories of crimes committed by African-Americans and then think that they've made a broader point. In that context, most people can see how transparently fallacious the tactic is, but in other contexts, they are blind to it. "

And finally, courtesy of Miss Cellania, a quick PHOTO LESSON:
As you might have guessed, I'm still enjoying my discovery of Miss Cellania's site(s)...her links take you to some.....ummmmmm.....interesting places. But I'll let you explore that yourself.

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